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Scheduling for ISA's new Ark server is on time and should be getting started on 04/06/2018. This server is scheduled to be online for no less than 6 months and will continue to provide service for as long as it is occupied. For suggestions on this server, please let us know.
Chris Minor   Awesome! Can't wait!! Let's do this!!
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Chris MinorIf you're visiting this website for the first time and are curious as to what it is, I'll be more than happy to explain. ISA is a 501-c non-profit organization dedicated to making online gaming a safer place for our youth. As a father myself, I constantly worry about my children being online but knowing that the ISA is looking out for them eases my mind. We as volunteers go into the games that your kids play and monitor, record, and report T.O.S. violations, criminal activities, and anything we find harmful towards online gamers. We are also working on online youth groups to make these online games a better and more educational experience for younger gamers and we hope to be giving our own personal reviews towards these games with real facts on if they are actually harmful or inappropriate for those parents out there that want to know what exactly your child is doing online. We have so many new ideas and plans every day but we can't do this without some help. Please make a donation today and we would be sincerely grateful!
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